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Rebranding & Marketing in Local and International Market


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Our Vision

Our vision is to bring you only selected premium products from the best producers in the world.


Our Mission

We, the Nomads, are committed to provide the best quality products and services that exceed customers’ expectations and play a dominant role in the global market. We believe in the unified success – our client’s and our supplier’s success is our success.


Our Values

Continuous improvement – Quality export and import processes through adapting technology and experience                                                        Customer focused – Our success lies with satisfied clients                                  Partnerships – Foster strong, long-lasting global partnerships


No Project Too Big Or Too Small

The World Nomads have the experience and dedication to take on any challenge. Whether importing premium goods to rebranding, warehousing and distributing or you wish to export your product to overseas market, we will cover your back.

For the imported products, we will become country representative and conduct launch campaign, training where necessary, store at our warehouse and distribute to our contracted channels. You can be assured that your products will be left at good hands.  

If you are considering to export your product, you are at the right place. We believe in tailored service; there is no ‘one size fits all’ here. From individual traders to manufacturers, we will closely collaborate with you to achieve your vision. 

The World Nomads will do market research and identify where and when to launch your brand. We will consult on everything from packaging to promotion and provide complete supply chain solution to deliver your product to international market in most efficient and effective way. 

We are always happy to see new faces!

Our expertise lies in serving our clients with customized export and import solutions


 In World Nomads, we carefully select unique suppliers from all over the world to offer only the best premium products. That makes us the preferred provider of food and household products in Mongolia. 

We are always in search of Mongolian local high quality products to bring to global market. We provide consultation on how to meet international standards and requirements and take care of whole logistics procedure.   

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